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Zinmed - Glucose meter

Introduce Device


Invasive blood glucose meter minimum

Samples for testing blood sugar interacts with the enzyme in the diabetic test strips according to chemical reactions and generate electric current. This current is obtained, compare threshold, khuec college, filter and ADC conversion into digital signals. Digital data will be processed in diabetic meter and synchronized with data on mobile applications

Technology noninvasive sensor

“No one should have to suffer, although it finger prick, “. Stemming from the idea, Zinmed combines research with a team of scientists to fabricate the devices measure blood glucose non-invasively. Patients should not use the test strips and does not need to draw blood during measurement diabetes.

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Dual Sensor Technology noninvasive

Zinmed simultaneous use of capacitive sensing method and optical sensor pairs with wavelengths from 1495nm to 2105nm infrared to determine the correlation between glycemic parameters with the measured sensor value. We continue to research, improved features and increased accuracy for the measurement results.

Easy to use

Zinmed have enough data synchronization solution from diabetes measuring device with mobile devices via Bluetooth sensors. Differentiation of products is the ability to integrate with smartphone allows displaying the results, store the measurements and advice for patients.


Easy to use

Friendly equipment including the elderly or not smartphone users. Can be used as a device to measure blood sugar normal. The device will automatically connect and synchronize when placed near a smartphone user via bluetooth technology.


Equipment without blood to measure whether high accuracy have not??

Zinmed diabetes measuring device is noninvasive and uses optical sensors to measure blood glucose levels in the blood. The accuracy of the product reaches 70 to 80{4e6f6df809f90c7dd9d82592f74f0757b78f7b27db74c8bbf552403270d71b95}. Very suitable for daily use


such modern technology, raw product costs high??

We are committed to the product would be equivalent to the normal measurement equipment currently available on the market.


Use daily, so the device can store as many measurements?

The device can store up to 180 times before being synchronized measurements on smartphones.

Is my data secure??

All information of customers will be stored on the servers of Zinmed and completely confidential. All data will be encrypted and can only be read when the permission of the customer.


In addition to mobile applications, the product does not support the device?

The product is integrated into the website and app Zinmed, helping customers easily synchronize data whether smartphone or laptop use.


When will we be able to purchase the product?

Estimated product will be commercialized in 2016. Be quick to order, to be the priority receiving device when launched..