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Zinmed - Website managment system
What is Zinmed?
Zinmed system is multi-platform website, supporting optimal health care solutions for patients with diabetes at home. Zinmed also provides utilities to help doctors and patients can interact more easily and absolutely FREE 24/7.
Family Member
Allow monitor the health of family members involved in the system, support system and report alerts when the health of loved ones no good
Support storing patient medical records, test condition, receive timely advice of a team of doctors and experts in system
Support module doctor and clinic, receiving the information of the patient and an appointment as drug counseling
Using the report as well as the average index of patients in the system, from which extracts the report as well as the data service of study


Subsystem doctors can manage the patient, checking the health status of patients 24/7 in your system and gives advice timely and accurate
Support for other modules in the system, management, database backup, promptly make reasonable adjustments when the system encountered a problem
Support collaboration and supply of drugs to doctors and clinics. Give advice using rational drug users
Supporting doctors and clinics, as well as calculate the cost of revenue and expenditure report for the doctor, clinic

Information Management glycemic

Support patients manage their blood glucose information, injections of insulin.

Managing information about blood pressure, height, weight.

Support users manage their body mass index daily, hourly. Including indicator of blood pressure, blood sugar, weight.

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User support personalized user interface, language, units of measurement and individual indicators.

Export report data

Allows users to instantly can export reports glycemic index, body, condition assessment and excel files stored locally


Patient management

Support for patient management, reporting the health status parameters, given the appropriate advice.

Interface welcomes patients

Supports importing and storing test results of patients, up and schedule doctor through Zinmed system. Revenue and expenditure management


Management reporting statistics

Manage messages, statistical reports and clinic settings. Setting up ad system in clinic system Zinmed


Patient management

With modules doctor, zinmed allows physicians can manage up to 100 patients free of charge. Update status of patients 24/7

Manage your calendar

Support maximum physicians in managing schedules examination and schedules as well as patient appointment with entirely through the online system of Zinmed


Interacting with the doctor

Zinmed support creating interaction between doctors in the system, including messaging, email, and referrals between doctors clinics together.

Extract reports

Support doctor immediately can extract the entire report of patients in the system. Check processing parameters of patients on the exported Excel file from your system Zinmed


Average basic indicators

Synthesis of patient data in the system, analyze and make reports on indicators of the patient, reporting indicators of doctors and clinics

Overview Report

Based on these reviews, reports and calculations in the system. Zinmed support of the report overview of doctor patient index. Can be processed and evaluated on the Excel file


Subscribe relatives

Zinmed allow relatives of patients can also participate in the system. Allowing them to monitor and alert personnel from the input of a loved one. They can update the status of loved ones 24/7

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Get alerts

When blood sugar levels or blood pressure increases the patient’s too high or too low, the system immediately sends alerts to doctors and relatives of patients in the system.

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