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Zinmed - Management solution treatment diabetes

What is Zinmed?

Zinmed management solution treating diabetes. Zinmed provide blood glucose measuring device, locate and reminders via mobile applications and cloud computing website. Zinmed solution for diabetic patients and control ones health status and treatment costs, to help doctors and medical facilities enhance service and support treatment.

Website management system

Zinmed supply management website that allows users to participate in the system for people with diabetes website. User support information management condition and assist physicians monitor disease status

Mobile Application

Applications Zinmed appeared on mobile, including most popular operating systems today. Support monitoring health status, medication reminders and physician search and many other useful features.

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Website management system

Zinmed supply management website that allows users to participate in the system for people with diabetes website. User support information management condition and assist doctors monitor the user’s health condition

Mobile application

Applications Zinmed appeared on mobile, including most popular operating systems today. This helps us to confidently connect with everyone


Invasive blood glucose meter minimum

Zinmed have enough data synchronization solution from diabetes measuring device with mobile devices via Bluetooth sensors. Differentiation of products is the ability to integrate with smartphone allows displaying the results, store the measurements and advice for patients.


Satellite System websites provide users with the most knowledge handbook for the prevention and treatment of common diseases. Simple intuitive interface is easy to use, supports both versions for smartphones and tables.


Subsystem patients

Support storing patient medical records, test condition, receive timely advice of a team of doctors and specialists in the system. Also Zinmed also assist family members of patients can also participate in the system.

Subsystem doctors

Subsystem doctors can manage the patient, checking the health status of patients 24/7 in your system and gives advice timely and accurate

Asian male medical doctor with confident smile standing inside hospital building.

Subsystem clinics

Support modules doctors and patients, to receive information of the patient and an appointment as drug counseling, as well as calculate the cost of revenue and expenditure report.

Subsystem Adminstrators

Support for other modules in the system, management, database backup, promptly make reasonable adjustments when the system crashed. Using the report as well as the average index of patients in the system, from which extracts the report as well as the data service of study


Zinmed mobile application

Multi-platform app can help patients to actively manage and monitor their health, connected with the glucose meter and automatically store the result.

Popular version

  • Support for monitoring the health of diabetics, promptly notify the abnormal state.
  • Easy owns the concession and care programs, healthcare with affordable.
  • Zinmed support appointment medication, consult, manage schedules and health care at home.
  • Support query list endocrinologist and specialist diabetes care.



Advance Version

  • Support for backing up data on individual health Zinmed servers, direct sharing medical records for doctors.
  • Support connection with the supplied hardware devices, enabling monitoring health status, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep 24/24.
  • Supports many different versions for users, doctors and clinics.
  • The application allows the management Zinmed many different profiles, to easily share and manage.



Minimally invasive glucose meter

Samples for testing blood sugar interacts with the enzyme in the diabetic test strips according to chemical reactions and generate electric current. This current is obtained, compare threshold, khuec college, filter and ADC conversion into digital signals. Digital data will be processed in diabetic meter and synchronized with data on mobile applications

Technology noninvasive sensor

“ No one should have to suffer, although it finger prick, “. Stemming from the idea, Zinmed combines research with a team of scientists to fabricate the devices measure blood glucose non-invasively. Patients should not use the test strips and does not need to draw blood during measurement diabetes.

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Easy to use

Friendly equipment including the elderly or not smartphone users. Can be used as a device to measure blood sugar normal. The device will automatically connect and synchronize when placed near a smartphone user via bluetooth technology.


Satellite Systems website

Zinmed provide satellite system websites provide adequate information to prevent and treat common medical group. Responding fully and promptly seek information needs of health care for ordinary users.

List typical doctor

Ranking based on the evaluation of users on the system of Zinmed
Dr. Luong Ly


Dr. Nguyen Da Thao Uyen
Pham Ngoc Thach Hopital


Dr. Dung Doan

Work at Ho Chi Minh Eye Hospital since 1986

Dr. Nguyen Huy Cuong
Specialty Endocrinology

Director – Specialist Clinic for Endocrinology – Diabetes No. 1 Lane 133 Thai Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi


On 05/12/2014, in HCM City, the Information Society Magazine – the publication of VNPT Group has cooperated with Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) and Microsoft Vietnam and organize Gala announced and awarded award of the “convergence 2014” and “Best Mobile Products 2014”.

Hoang ChuDuc

He is one of the top 14 scientists in Vietnam attended “Supporting commercialization of research results of scientists’ by Vietnamese Academy of UK organizations. With over 11 years experience in research and teaching in the field of biomedical engineering, as well as experience in the development process Zinmed


ICTnews – Project after many cherished Zinmed was officially launched this year with the ambition to become an advisory service on health and healthcare online platform and connectivity between users and leading doctors Vietnam Male.


Chu Duc Hoang (TFI Grad Founder – Key 3) and Nguyen Duc Hai (TFI Co-Director) made the top 14 scientists and technology represent Vietnam to attend the UK Innovation Fellowship program in London, England.

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What is Zinmed?

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Benefits of participation?

Free 3 first months of service for users, supporting unlimited storage medical records, ultrasound, ECG to sever the Zinmed

Get advice from leading doctors
When engaged in Zinmed, you will be connected to and receive advice from the doctors and experts on the main endocrine system Zinmed

The modules use

Patient modules
Support almost all basic features for users as supporting medical records storage, control health indicators, cloud storage.
Doctor modules
Support Doctors can manage the patient in the system and provide advice as well as an assessment of the patient’s condition.
Subsystem clinic
Support management clinic doctors and patients in the system. Order and send medical history online.